I know that many people assume that it’s mostly or only women who are constantly in relationships or who have a new significant other before the wounds from the previous one have even healed. I would like to present to you the male serial monogamist.

This is the guy who gets dumped or breaks up with his girl and sooner than you think is possible he is all booed up as if the other girl never happened. He moves from girl to girl, he’s constantly in love, and never alone. Now, there are pros and cons to this guy. He is with out a doubt extremely loyal, will be completely committed to you, and will be open and willing to share those feelings whenever you may want to hear them. Cons, well just the fact that when or if it does end a girl is left to wonder if it all really mattered, because without a doubt he will have a new girlfriend, wifey, or in some lucky cases fiancé in a few months or weeks.

Serial Dater

My issue with this type of guy is that he makes me wonder: Do you know yourself without a woman?  Who are you alone? There is a benefit to being single for a little while, deciding who you are, what you like and don’t like, and even what it is that is ending all of these relationships that you are in.

Even if you aren’t a serial monogamist it is vital to know who you are before you get in any relationship. Knowing who you are, what you like and don’t like and how you want to be treated is vital to being a good boyfriend or husband. Not knowing who you are leaves you open for not only changing the things that attracted your girl in the first place, but leaving yourself open to getting changed into something you didn’t plan on being. I read just the other day: Women go into a relationship hoping that they can change the man they are with and men go into a relationship hoping that their woman doesn’t change. Know that she is most likely trying to change you, know that people out side of that relationship do not want to see that happen, they like who you are now, and she should learn to as well.

I know this all sounds a little preachy, and I am in no way a relationship doctor or anything of the sorts, but I know what I’ve seen and dated and I know that there are somethings that aren’t said or addressed that should be. Take from it what you may, and believe me when I say,  most girls don’t want the guy who’s already been everyone else’s boyfriend already.

To all of you serial monogamist, you know who you are, you are the one reading this and questioning if that could be/is you, if you’re asking, you’ve already answered. It’s okay, to be that guy, I’ve dated one, know friends who have and have nothing against them, but remember the most important relationship that you will ever have is with your self, so when or if she plays you, dumps you, does it with your best friend, you should give your self time to heal and space to learn and grow, before moving on to the next girl.

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